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Noel Cunningham’s Guide to Modern Irish Manners

Copy of noel cunninghan guide to modern Irish manners Book
Copy of noel cunningham book
Copy of noel cunninghan guide to modern Irish manners Book
Copy of noel cunningham book
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Noel Cunningham’s Guide to Modern Irish Manners


Noel Cunningham's Guide to Modern Irish Manners

With his infectious charm and sharp wit Noel Cunningham shares with you his tips on sailing through life’s events, enabling people to be themselves, while solving the thorny issues of which fork to use, who goes through a door first, how to attend an important interview. The correct way of doing those things will become clear.

Society has changed dramatically. We live in an increasingly informal world. We have in many ways become disrespectful of rules and have no time for the old order and taboos. Authority and the grace of age, two important pillars of etiquette, are no longer regarded.

Are you confused about how to set a formal dining table?

Is it acceptable to hold doors open?

How to address the thorny question of mobile phones and gadgets

Noel’s book is a fun and informative guide, to help us navigate modern-day life with class and good humour.


Hardback:208 pages

Size:216x135 mmISBN:9781788490986


TV personality and hotelier Noel Cunningham has always had a passion about manners and etiquette. Noel has a long and distinguished career in Hotel Catering and Tourism. He has worked on some of the great ocean-going liners and is well acquainted with the grand hotels of the world. He has always been of the opinion that the well-mannered young person, aware of the social niceties, and well versed in the requirements of proper etiquette, will have the perfect head start in life! He has met film stars and royalty, politicians and primates, and the wonderful Joe Soaps. He suggests we can learn from people in all walks of life as good manners are not just the preserve of the High Born!

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